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May 232013

imagescam5w5m1.jpgWow! I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve put anything on here. We moved from Texas to North Carolina in 2007 and it took us quite some time to get settled. While I wasn’t doing any updates, quite a few less than nice folks were getting on to the site and using the privilege to generate spam. I ended up closing off registrations to stop that. I can tell by the site logs that at least some of you registered users have continued to sign-in and visit. I’ve also continued to receive periodic contributions in the way of pictures and other information. Even though it hasn’t made it on to the site, I still have that stuff saved away and I do plan to include it here….soon.under-construction-2.jpg

The main software I use to organize and display the family history has been through four major revisions since 2007 so while there are a lot of very nice new features, upgrading after that much time is taking a lot longer than I expected when I started. I’ve made some good progress but still have a fair number of things to get worked out. Because of the past problems with troublesome visitors, I’m spending a lot of time to try to minimize those kind of issues this time around. I’ll attempt to keep active all registered users who have visited over the last few years. Because the passwords are encrypted and the way they are stored has changed, you will have to reset your password the first time you log in after the new site goes live. If you are new or have not visited in a long time, you will have go through the new registration process. I’m hoping to have the new site ready turn on within a couple of weeks. Stay tuned….

P.S. – Besides the changes to the software that I use, my web host has changed some of their server software. Because of that, some of the features on the current site no longer work correctly. For example, the search function in the family tree section is now case-sensitive. If you search for elsie kull you will come up empty. You must search for Elsie Kull instead. The site upgrade should take care of all this stuff.

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