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Aug 242005

Aunt Sam with unidentified cousin - 1947My Aunt Sam (Selma Kull) made a trip to Switzerland in 1947 and put together an album of photos taken and acquired on that trip. That album came into my possession a year or so ago but though I’m sure many of the people pictured are “cousins” the lack of captions has made it difficult for me to determine who they all are. I’ve thought for some time that there may be some information on the backs of the photos but they were all pasted to the album pages so I’ve been hesitant to try to remove them for fear of damaging the photos. I did scan a couple and send them out to the “Kull cousins” a year ago but nobody was able to identify them.

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Aug 092005

Hello fellow Nixes and Nix family tree researchers. I am writing today to all of you I dnahave spoken with and corresponded with over the last year to announce an important milestone for our Nix DNA project. August 9th will be the one year anniversary of our project’s creation. What an exciting year it has been. It has been thrilling to have so many other Nix descendents throughout the world have expressed so much support, dedication, and interest in the DNA project. I would never have dreamed we would already have so many participants and interested parties following our progress after only just one year. Continue reading »

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