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Jun 202005

Received the following letter from Thomas Nix:

Hello. I am writing to all those who have expressed interest in the past regarding the dnaNix surname DNA project to update you about the ongoing project and its results. We recently got back two more participants lab results! There are now 6 Nix males who have been tested, and 5 of those lines match each other. Stop by the website sometime to see the results at http://www.nixfamilytree.com . We have added some new features to the site over the last few months, including:

  1. A photo gallery section for old family photos
  2. A forums section for Nix researchers to post messages in (it does require that you sign up for the forums to post, but its entirely free and open to all Nix researchers)
  3. A list of all the known male line descendents for some of the participants most distant ancestor. If you can fill in any blanks on the lists or make a connection there, by all means let us know.
  4. A color coded chart (a link to it is below the results table) in a new format that shows each tested Nix males line of descent from his most distant ancestor. It also compares the lines side by side through time to make it easier to see when and where the different Nix groups lived.

Thanks and have a great week.


Thomas Nix
Nix Surname DNA Project

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  1. Help! Can find the website

  2. You might try the email listed here:


  3. Is the down?

  4. Yes, looks like that site is down.

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