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Aug 262016

This picture has been in my “most wanted” section for over a year.  It was found in my Aunt Elaine Webster’s collection after her death.  Thanks to Bill Atkinson of Winfield, Alabama, we now have names to go with these faces.  Front left to right: Samuel M. Atkinson, Nancy Atkinson, Susan Nix Atkinson.  Rear left to right: William Charles Atkinson, Bascom Poole Atkinson, and David Hollis Atkinson.  Samuel and Susan were “next door” neighbors as children in Pickens County, South Carolina.  They married  there in the early 1870’s and started a family.  By the early 1880’s they had moved to Georgia (don’t know the county since the 1890 census burned up).  They relocated to Fayette County, Alabama in the early 1890’s.

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