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Julius, Selina, and Fred Kull as children in Lenzburg.

This site is our place on the web for collecting our assorted family history resources. The information you find here will primarily pertain to the Kull family that is descended from two brothers (Julius and Fred) who immigrated to the United States from Lenzburg, Switzerland in the late 1800’s and eventually settled in north Alabama not far from Huntsville. If you are another variety of Kull you are still welcome on this site as there will hopefully be something of use for you.

You are encouraged to contribute. New posts and comments are welcome. In addition, we are always happy to receive corrections or additions to the family tree information in the genealogy section. You will find links on the individual pages for submitting information and for uploading copies of photos and documents.
NOTE: Except for a few selected photos, access to information on individuals who are still living will be restricted to registered family members.
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