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Feb 152007

[Administrator’s note: Received this via email from my cousin Doris. I thought it would make a nice addition to the site and have added it with her permission. – 2/17/07]

Just thought I would share a-bit of my life with my family, friends that have known me for years, new friends and some of my email friends that don’t know very much about me…

My old home place

My Old Home-Place about 30 years ago

There was something supremely satisfying about a life so self-contained and complete unto itself… I lived such a life on the Alabama and Tennessee State Line Road… Now I often sit by my duck pond allowing my mind willingly to go back over the years and re-live the secluded and isolated childhood days I lived here… This simple little cabin and the few acres it sat on provided all we needed to sustain a rewarding life…
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