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Jun 232013

comeinIt took longer and was more complicated than I anticipated so I feel a little battered and bruised like this sign but I hope I have everything working well enough to re-enable logins and registrations.  I still have some of the old pictures that need to be relinked but on the good side there are a lot of new ones here.

You will notice that the URL has changed from www.kull.ws to www.kull.us.  I was not intending to do that but I had to at least temporarily for technical reasons that will bore everyone but the tech-geeks.  It may eventually change back but for now, if you accidentally type in the old one, it should still route you here.  Most people will need to re-register for full access.  I did keep the accounts set up for anyone who had been a recent visitor.  If you are one of those, you should have already received a note from me.

As mentioned in my last post, the main genealogy software has been through four major revisions since I  last actively worked on the site.  There are a lot of new features that will hopefully make your visits more interesting.  A few of note: Continue reading »

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