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Aug 242005

Aunt Sam with unidentified cousin - 1947My Aunt Sam (Selma Kull) made a trip to Switzerland in 1947 and put together an album of photos taken and acquired on that trip. That album came into my possession a year or so ago but though I’m sure many of the people pictured are “cousins” the lack of captions has made it difficult for me to determine who they all are. I’ve thought for some time that there may be some information on the backs of the photos but they were all pasted to the album pages so I’ve been hesitant to try to remove them for fear of damaging the photos. I did scan a couple and send them out to the “Kull cousins” a year ago but nobody was able to identify them.

This last week I’ve finally started removing a few of the photos to see if there is anything on the backs. The album pages are made of pourous black paper (similar to construction paper) so a lot is sticking to the photo backs. I’ve used a damp cloth to try to loosen the black paper and that seems to be working fairly well. If you know of a “safer” way to do this, please let me know! Anyway, here’s what I’ve found so far:

Elsa HammerliThe first photo seen at right had the following notation on the back:

Frau Elsa Haberlin-Hammerli
geb 9 December 1895

That date agrees with the birthdate I already had for Elsa, the daughter of Selina Kull (b. 1871) and Adolph Hammerli, so I think it’s pretty clear that this is a niece of Fred and Julius Kull.

On the album page facing this picture there was what appeared to be a companion picture (husband?) for Elsa’s. I removed that photo and the black paper residue. That photo is shown below.

Hugo HaberlinThe labeling on the back of this one shows (based on my recollection of high school German):

Christmas 1944
Hugo Häberlin
b. 26 Aug 1877

now 70 years old

While that birthdate would make him 18 years older than Elsa, given the album location and the Häberlin in the hyphenated name on the back of her photo, I’m of the opinion that they were husband and wife.

The next photo was the group Four Generationsshot seen below. On the back of this one, the notation (in English) says:

Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and son Rudolph.

Now if you look at a larger image
of this picture, the woman holding the child looks to be our cousin Elsa as seen in the earlier picture. That being the case, the older woman in the black dress is most likely, Selina (Kull) Hammerli, sister of Fred and Julius Kull. If some of you can confirm or deny that, let me know.

Birthplace of Hans Friedrich Kull This next one is, I believe, the birthplace of my great-grandfather, Hans Friedrich Kull. The German notation on the back translates to “birth house of father Kull – Niederlenz”. I suspect that this photo was given to Aunt Sam on her visit. There is no indication of when it might have been taken.

These photos in larger sizes can be viewed from their links to the individuals in the family tree section.

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