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Jun 092014

The picture below was forwarded to me by Richard Phillips, grandson of Liddy Kull Phillips.  He scanned it from an old family slide.  He says it was taken in 1948 when Liddy was living with her father Fred.  The other two Freds are Liddy’s son Fred Phillips and grandson Fred Phillips, Jr.  Richard tells me he’s spending more time lately going through his genealogy records – updating, filing, and just doing a better job of organization.  If you’ve got family treasures like this, I hope you’re doing the same thing.  Even if you think nobody but you cares about them, identify them so that when someone comes along who does, they’ll be able to attach a name to them.  I’ve got a number of family pictures that nobody in the family has been able to identify.  I’ve got a bunch more that I can identify but I doubt there are more than 2 or 3 other people who can…and none of them are “spring chickens”.  The information needs to be preserved so our pictures don’t end up as nameless decorations on the wall of a Cracker Barrel somewhere.  Besides the people, don’t forget the home places.  Sadly, my Kull and Webster grandparents’ homes are both gone.  I’d really like for my kids to know what they were like.  I’ve also been going through my parents old slides and have found quite a few shots of both places.  I hope there’s enough to give them (and others) a feel for the places that held such fond memories.

Fred Phillips, Fred Jr., Liddy, and Fred Kull

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