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Oct 222013

I only recently found out that my g-g-g-grandmother, Margaret King (1788-1868), was buried in the Elliott Cemetery outside of Ardmore, Tennessee. Her gravesite is on a hill overlooking I-65. I made the discovery browsing through Giles County cemetery records on Findagrave.com. Last month we had occasion to be in that area so I went by to see if I could find her gravestone and hopefully that of her husband, Arthur. Both have been “dead-ends” for me for quite some time. Initially I had no luck but finally found her small ground-level marker beneath a thick mass of grass near a larger upright headstone for her son Lewis Arthur King. I pulled up enough of the grass to take the shot below.

Margaret King

Margaret King (1788-1868)

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a stone for her husband Arthur. He died sometime before 1860 and may have been buried elsewhere. On the other hand, there is quite a large open gap between Margaret’s marker and that of son Lewis so perhaps Arthur is there between them. I did try to see if there was another ground level marker that had been overgrown with grass but I found none.


King markers in Elliott Cemetery. The large marker at right is for Lewis and family.

There were a number of small squarish markers with only initials (all ending in K) like the one below.  I neglected to record them all but will do that on another visit.  I would guess they are for children of Lewis and Sara King.  This one may actually be an original marker for Sarah placed before the larger upright one was there.


One of several small King markers with only initials.

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